20 June 2018

Amadeus Hotels Plus - usability improvements

With the latest release of Amadeus Hotels Plus, when using the instant search feature, the profile, policies, and preferences (TPM) are now applied. When a traveller profile contains a frequent guest number for the provider that has being booked, the number is automatically populated in the booking page.

Also preferred rate codes that are stored in the sign preferences (HSR indicator) are automatically populated in the search page. The hotels proposing the requested rate code(s) are flagged in the result and can be filtered.  

Link to add Transfer booking is now added, when completing the Hotel reservation it is often the best moment to suggest a Transfer, for example between the airport and the Hotel. This enhancement automatically suggests the Transfer booking as a next step in the trip creation, by displaying a button that links to the Transfers booking interface.

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Updated: 20 June, 2018