05 December 2018

Amadeus Interface Record (AIR) now includes CO2 emission information

The CO2 emission information is currently shown in the RTSVC display of the PNR and on the Amadeus itinerary document. With this enhancement, the information will be as well integrated in the Back-Office A.I.R/IMR.


To provide information on the traveller’s carbon footprint, agents will see the CO2 emission information per booked air segment in the Back-Office A.I.R/IMR for further processing (accounting, statistics etc.).

EX from PNR RTSVC display



The format will be: CO2-89.60KG Where: CO2 = constant value 89.60 = CO2 value per passenger (can be up to 10 alphanumeric characters) KG = constant value for kilograms.

I want this!

Please send an order to order@sca.amadeus.com to include CO2 in A.I.R/IMR.

Please use the A.I.R order form, and don't forget to check with your midoffice provider first if they are ready to recieve CO2 before your order it!

Updated: 05 December, 2018