04 April 2018

Amadeus Service Changer now handles involuntary changes

Amadeus Service Changer allows you to automatically re-price and prepare EMDs for reissue, saving you time and minimizing the risk of ADMs. .

Now Amadeus Service Changer also handles involuntary changes, allowing you to automatically create pricing records of EMDs due involuntary changes ("new" service is never re-priced, will always be 0) and prepare the EMD for reissue. EMD´s are processed independently of exchange policy.

 Main benefits

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by automating the creation of EMD pricing records for voluntary and involuntary changes.

  • Time savings  - up to 4 minutes per change – increasing profitability

  • Minimizes the risk of receiving ADMs 

  • Improved customer satisfaction since you provide customers with faster responses, ensuring a hassle-free service delivery

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Updated: 04 April, 2018