02 November 2017

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary – new fare calculation prefix

In case of involuntary ticket exchange, ATC Involuntary process is adding indicator “I-” in front of the Fare Calculation. This Amadeus specificity has been defined by IATA as an Industry Standard.

In addition and in order to clearly distinguish involuntary exchanges resulting from a Planned Schedule Change, IATA now recommends to insert indicator “S-” in front of the Fare Calculation.

ATC Involuntary for Travel Agents is a product dedicated to automate involuntary exchange process in case of Planned Schedule Changes. Consequently, ATC Involuntary will now always insert “S-” instead of “I-” in front of the Fare Calculation.

For more information and examples, please see Amadeus Service Hub.

Updated: 02 November, 2017