12 September 2017

Amadeus Unused E-Ticket Tracking Report enhancements

The  Unused E-Ticket Tracking Report (UETTR) provides travel agents with a list of their unused e-tickets (not flown, not exchanged, not voided, not refunded), issued through Amadeus, so that they can easily identify which e-tickets can be exchanged or refunded. 

This solution has now been redesigned to provide the following enhancements:

  • Cryptic UETTR will provide travel agents with a list of their unused documents, including e-tickets and EMDs

  • The existing entries I-SB will be replaced by the new UTR entries

  • The report will be more accurate, with a recheck of the coupons status on a regular basis to identify the unused documents

  • There will be no more users deactivation after inactivity period

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Updated: 13 September, 2017