17 January 2018

Ancillary Services - Automatic insertion of default free text to book SSR

Booking special services just got easier!

The Book&Price feature, used to book and then price a Special Service Request (SSR) directly from the ancillary catalogue, is enhanced in order to automatically insert default free text, when a free text is mandatory to book the SSR. These default free text values are stored centrally on Amadeus side.

Each airline can define different mandatory free text structures to book their SSRs, making it difficult for travel agents to remember all these various formats. With the automatic insertion of default free text when booking SSRs, it will be easier for you when selling ancillary services, removing the tedious task on manually inserting free text information to book SSRs.

This is also simplifying robotic flows (as used by many Online Travel Agencies), since free texts are now automatically inserted when needed.

For more information, please see Amadeus Service Hub (login required).


Main benefits

Updated: 17 January, 2018