16 May 2018

B2B Wallet product updates

New Card in the Wallet – Airplus UATP

  • Static UATP Account number to be available in the Wallet
  • Works like a lodge card. The same account number is used for any booking and is a valid form of payment.
  • Air content only (200 airlines through the GDS, specific agreements with rail, car and mice providers)
  • Additional coverage (more than 20 currencies available in +40 countries)
  • PNR Integration (FPVCN)

PNR Remarks – New Concealed Card Number format

  • Credit Card number inserted as a remarks in the PNR in a new concealed format

IXARIS – release Q3 2018

  • VISA SAVE cards can be enabled in Multi Spend
  • The same SAVE card can be used for multiple booking OR same booking with multiple Merchants, therefore, it supports more than one settlement
  • Charging model shifts from a Card generation fee to a Settlement fee

Updated: 16 May, 2018