30 April 2018

Check at issuance time to prevent duplicate documents

The duplicate ticket check at issuance time will be activated on the entire Scandinavian market. The system verifies the presence of a corresponding FA element in the PNR. If a ticket is already present, the new requested issuance is rejected.

Agents who have the duplicate ticket check at issuance time activated will benefit from this enhancement: it will remove the unnecessary FA verification for voided/refunded documents at issuance time. This means that if a ticket or an EMD has already been voided or refunded, the agent will be able to issue a new ticket or a new EMD for the same passenger without being rejected.

Main Benefits

  • A more consistent booking flow due to no more reject at issuance time when a previous document is already voided or refunded.
  • No need to cancel the old FA element before issuing a new document when the old document has been voided or refunded.


Additional option: force issuance of duplicate document (/DUPE) 
If the agent needs to bypass the check and issue a duplicate document on purpose, the new option /DUPE can be used.

Note: There is no need to use the option /DUPE to exchange a document.

Please visit Amadeus Service Hub for more detailed information.

Updated: 30 April, 2018