05 May 2017

Croatia Airlines implements Fare Families

The latest carrier to implement Amadeus Airline Fare Families display and upsell modules is OU/Croatia Airlines. That means 39 airlines have now implemented Airline Fare Families display and upsell in Scandinavia.

Amadeus Airline Fare Families 

Our objective is to give you complete clarity on what the different fare families include for each airline. For each fare family you will see:

  • Fare family name
  • Cancellation and refund conditions
  • Ancillary services included in the fare
  • Ancillary services that can be purchased on top
  • Mileage accrual

To see Amadeus total offer on Airline Merchandising per airline, please click here, or in Amadeus Selling Platform cryptic, you can enter FQNAFF/CXR to view all airlines that have implemented Airline Fare Families

Updated: 05 May, 2017