23 October 2019

How to access Booking.com content through Amadeus

In order to book Booking.com content through Amadeus Hotels Plus, your agency must register to obtain access. If you have already a contract signed with Booking.com, please contact your Amadeus Account Manager/contact to request registration in Hotels Plus.

Note: This information is only applicable for existing Amadeus customers.

How to register

Booking.com will be displayed as a new aggregator in the aggregator registration panel when logging in to Amadeus Hotels Plus.

Register now

Click on Register now, and if your agency does not have an existing Booking.com contract or an Affiliate ID, click on the Create It! link in the lower right corner to start registering.

You will redirected to the Booking.com URL, where you can follow the Booking.com process (fill in any requested information, download the contract and and have it signed by the head of the Agency). Once you receive the Affiliate ID from Booking.com, send this information to your Amadeus Account Manager/contact.

Amadeus will validate the information and enable Booking.com content for you. You will be informed once this process is completed. 

Booking.com content for Shop & Book

Once Amadeus enables Booking.com content for you, Booking.com will be displayed as enabled on the aggregator registration panel and will be indicated as Office level registration. When an agency is registered, and serving one or more corporations it's indicated by Multiple corporation registration.

You will then be able to Shop and Book Booking.com content!

More information

Download our Booking.com Travel Registration Quick card or visit  hotels-plus.amadeus.com/

For any questions, please contact your Amadeus Account Manager/contact, or email us at: hotel.distribution@amadeus.com

Updated: 23 October, 2019