02 November 2017

Launch of Amadeus Service Changer

Amadeus Service Changer (ASC) allows travel agencies to automatically re-price and issue Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs). Amadeus Service Changer can be used on airlines who have enabled the product for voluntary changes.

Changes can be performed faster and the automatic calculations of the new price minimizes the risk of ADM´s. The automatic calculations are also taking the remaining/residual value into account.

Main Benefits

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by automating the EMD reissuance for voluntary service changes

  • Time savings  - up to 4 minutes per change – increasing profitability

  • Minimizes the risk of receiving ADM´s = Protection of revenues

  • Improved customer satisfaction by being able to provide customers with faster responses, ensuring a hassle-free service delivery

For more information, training materials etc, please see Amadeus Service Hub.

Updated: 02 November, 2017