24 June 2019

Travel agents required to share passenger contact details with airline

Effective June 1, 2019, a new IATA mandate – Resolution 830d – requires travel agents to add passenger contact details to the PNR so the airline can contact the passenger directly in case of delays or cancellations. Find out what this entails and which Amadeus SSR codes you can use to meet the mandate.

Often, in travel agency bookings the passengers’ contact details do not reach the airline. For the airlines, it is imperative that they can contact passengers in case of delays, cancellations etc.

That’s why IATA has taken action and added an amendment to its Passenger Agency Conference Manual - which covers the guidelines that IATA-accredited agents must follow when creating reservations - called Resolution 830d. 

Since June 1, 2019, travel agents must ask each passenger during the booking process if they wish to have their contact details (mobile number and/or email) provided to the airlines in their itinerary so they are reachable in case of operational disruptions to their flight. This information must be collected at the time of ticketing and not afterwards.

If the passenger agrees to provide this information, the travel agent must add the contact details in the PNR. If the passenger refuses to provide the information, then the agent must advise the passenger that they will not receive information from the airline regarding schedule changes. The agent also needs to note the passenger’s refusal in the PNR.

Don’t worry that the airlines will use this information to sell ‘extras’ directly to your customers! The airlines are ONLY entitled to use this information for genuine operational issues as specified in the resolution.

From an Amadeus standpoint, we will not block tickets from being issued when the PNR does not contain the passenger’s contact details. However, the airlines are entitled to monitor compliance by assessing the PNR data. But, that’s another story and is up to the individual airlines to decide for themselves.

Shortcut to the codes

Here is a checklist of the SSRs in the Amadeus system to help you comply with the mandate: 

  • SSR CTCE = Passenger’s Email 
  • SSR CTCM  = Passenger’s Mobile
  • SSR CTCR = Passenger refused to provide his details

Amadeus web service customers who develop applications for creating bookings need to make sure that their applications are in line with the IATA resolution. They can create the necessary SSR elements using the PNR_AddMultiElements code.


  • According to AIRIMP recommendation:
    use // (double slash)in place of @ (at sign)
    in E-mail address and (double dot) in place
    of _ (underscore) in E-mail address.
  • FR = Language code – 2 alpha - optional

SR CTCM-0123456789/FR
SR CTCM 6X HK1-33123456789/FR

  • 33123456789 = phone number – only numeric
  • FR = Language code – 2 alpha - optional



 More details: HESSR -> MS505

For more information about Resolution 830d, please see Amadeus ServiceHub or contact your IATA representative.

Updated: 24 June, 2019