Leisure travel

It used to be good to be a travel agency. The bulk of your customers came straight into your website or your shop, and the revenue per booking was high. But times are a-changing and travel players are challenged today by increasing competition, airlines' retailing strategies and a new generation of travelers – savvier, more impatient and demanding than ever before. The cost of acquiring customers is increasing and margins are getting thinner.

And the change doesn’t stop here. It is said that our world is experiencing exponential changes. To remain competitive, you will have to respond to the changes already taking place and anticipate the potential disruptions of the future. Decisions made today are critical to your survival, and however tempting it is to remain in the familiar status quo, standing still is not an option.

At Amadeus, we focus on delivering more content and technology to support your business model, so that you can focus on growing your business and adapt to the future you want to be a part of. We also continue to invest in travel search and merchandising technology to help you deliver the ultimate travel experience and capture additional business opportunities.

Our people, our technology and our innovation are dedicated to working with all of our customers to shape the future of travel. This way, together, we can improve the traveller’s experience - and enable your growth.