Amadeus Light Ticketing

Making a low-cost carrier (LCC) booking in Amadeus is identical to booking any traditional carrier, using one simple workflow. Select the flight and let Amadeus Selling Platform do the rest. From the data available in the PNR and passenger profile, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the traveller and an invoice is generated enabling one single payment across the booking.

Want to see all carriers distributed via Light Ticketing? Check out the FQNLTC/CXR page. Here you can also easily see which carriers support after-sales/ post-issuance processes, such as adding Ancillary Services after flight issuance and exchanging flights and services using Amadeus Ticket Changer and Amadeus Service Changer.

Key features and benefits

One single booking flow

  • Based on the same reservation flow as for full service carriers

LCC Workflow

Reservation intergration

  • Profile & PNR integration
  • Full AIR integration for your agency’s Mid- or Back offices system(s)
  • Total Pricing including taxes, duties and possible ancillaries

Time saving

  • Over 8 minutes quicker to make a change than through any other channel including aggregator websites
  • Nearly 5 times faster than booking direct on airline provider websites
  • Twice as fast as most aggregator websites

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