Amadeus Touchless Price Optimiser

Increase your revenues by finding a better flight price before the actual ticketing is done. Amadeus Touchless Price Optimiser automates the time consuming search for a better price, and helps you keep up with squeezed margins.

Key features & benefits

Increase your revenues by finding a better price

  • Automate your search for a better price to keep up with squeezed margins and increase your revenue streams.


Automated search for a better price

  • Optimize as much as possible before issuance. The ticketing time is secured by considering the SSR and TKTL and RM as well as predefined checks from settings.
  • High level of automation: close to 100% of all bookings will be handled


Your rules are king

  • Create the rules you need in the Rule Engine to optimize and process the PNRs in the most flexible way to fit your business, as well as automated checks by the solution  


Great stability

  • Web based product, only dependent on internet


Fast processing of PNRs

  • Several PNRs can be processed at the same time


Access to statistics

  • Follow the processing of your PNRs



 PS! By combining this product with Amadeus Touchless Ticketing, you will experience an even higher level of automation for your ticketing process. Read more here, or let us contact you and tell you more.

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