Amadeus Touchless Ticketing

Automate 95% of your air bookings, and save at least 2 minutes for each issued ticket. Amadeus Touchless Ticketing gives you a high level of automation and quality controlled ticketing, allowing you to focus more on value added customer service.

Key features & benefits

Save time and reduce errors by automating your ticketing & quality assurance process. And wait with issuing your tickets until when really needed; stop hassling with unnecessary changes and improve your chances of finding a better price.

Great stability

  • Web based product, only dependent on internet


High level of automation

  • About 95% of all relevant bookings


Fast processing of PNRs

  • Several PNRs can be processed at the same time


Flexibility in valuable functionality

  • High level of flexibility in product configuration


Access to statistics

  • Follow the processing of PNRs.


Wait to issue the ticket until it is really necessary

  • No extra hassle managing changes, or try to find a better price before ticketing.


"98,5% of our tickets are now handled automatically, and we have fewer bookings ending up in the manual queue"

Ticket about their Touchless Ticketing pilot

PS! By combining this product with Amadeus Touchless Price Optimiser, you have the possibility to not only have a faster and more reliable ticketing, but also increase your revenue streams and customer loyaltyRead more here, or let us contact you and tell you more.

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