Amadeus Master Pricer

Amadeus Master Pricer is the most comprehensive low-fare search and merchandising portfolio in the global online travel market, providing customers with the cheapest bookable fares, and the most convenient itineraries, over a wide choice of airlines.

Key features and benefits

Improved look to book ratio

  • Impressive range of search parameters to personalise results: Increased ability to differentiate by creating a unique look for your website.



Multiply your customer base

  • Fare and price management tools: Amadeus Master Pricer supports both public and negotiated fares including zone fares, net fares etc. It also enables you to offer targeted pricing solutions for each market segment, channel and customer.



Maximum reliability and real-time, accurate fares

  • Intelligent technology & advanced algorithms: Powered by the Amadeus Availability Server and Pricing engine, capable of finding the lowest and most accurate fares over a diverse range of airlines. It can be accessed through Amadeus API and Amadeus Web Services.



Improved productivity and costs

  • Efficient and user friendly: Fewer calls are needed to call centres. Fewer transactions are needed to make a booking and reductions are gained in operation, maintenance and development costs.



Improve your customers' shopping experience

  • Effortless search and flight comparison for your customers - in a matter of seconds they will be able to find the option they are looking for.

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