6 things you want to know about Selling Platform Connect

You have probably heard that Selling Platform Connect will replace the Selling Platform you have today. Maybe you wonder what new opportunities this will bring. Even more probable: you have a question or two about how it will work in practical terms. We have compiled the six most frequent questions we’ve been getting.

Selling Platform Connect is our new cloud based selling platform which will replace the Selling Platform you have installed locally today. This will give you a whole new level of freedom in the way – and where – you work. And of course, lots of new functionality. Read more about the benefits in this interview with Portfolio Manager Linda Branäng. But now, to the more pressing questions that have been on your mind: the practicalities!

1) Must we migrate to Selling platform Connect, or is it optional?

Yes, Selling Platform Connect is the next generation of Selling Platform which will replace the Selling Platform you currently have locally installed.

2) What will happen with Command Page?

Command Page will still be there, and the cryptic commands will be the same as today. Under Personal Settings you can also adjust the color theme and font size.

3) What is the biggest difference compared to the Selling Platform we have today?

Selling Platform Connect is web-based, which means it doesn’t need to be installed locally; neither does it require a specific operating system or web browser. Apart from the technical aspects, this new solution has a more modern and clear interface, facilitating the handling of, for example Fare Families and Ancillary Services. Another improvement is that you can also import and export group handling.

4) What do we need to think of regarding operating system/internet browsers?

Selling Platform Connect is web based and works on PC as well as Mac and the most common browsers.

5) Today we have Citrix/other server solution. Do we need to contact our IT supplier before the migration?

Selling Platform Connect is not affected by server solutions, the only thing you need is a web browser.

6) Last, but not least. When will you launch Selling Platform Connect?

The introduction to our market has already started, with some hundreds of users already on board, mainly leisure oriented agencies. We are now adding the finishing touches to the policy management features, in order to have the solution fully benefitting the agencies operating in corporate travel later this year.

Were your questions still not answered? Please let us know!