Amadeus Ticket Changer - a game changer for Big Travel

Nobody complains when business is booming. But, what do you do when you are growing so quickly that your manual admin processes have turned into a time-consuming headache? And, how do you convince your colleagues to switch to a new, more efficient tool? We talk to Li Ekeberg and Monika Josephat from one of Sweden’s fastest growing business travel agency – BIG Travel - to find out how they reached efficiency nirvana with Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue.   

Li Ekeberg and Monika Josephat are ticketing agents at BIG Travel’s central ticketing department in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. Between them, they have over 10 years of experience with the company and with Amadeus’ solutions.

 Monika, BIG Travel has been using Amadeus Ticket Changer for many years but on a limited level. Why did you decide to extend its use across the company?

Until 2015, only our ticketing agents were entitled to use Amadeus Ticket Changer. That was to keep our costs down as the price of the solution is based on transaction volumes. So, when a traveler contacted a sales agent to change his or her travel itinerary, the sales agent sent or ‘queued’ the change request to our ticketing department. The ticketing agent checked the request in first hand manually or with Amadeus Ticket Changer, sent back the information to the sales agent who then informed the customer who decided whether to have the ticket reissued or to get a refund.

That process worked just fine until we began to grow and our volume of corporate travelers greatly increased. As you know, business travelers change their travel plans more often than leisure travelers and expect quick responses. We doubled our ticketing team but, due to the increase in business, our manual routine had become a pain and our ticketing team could no longer manage the volume of change requests. 

Around the same time, Li joined BIG Travel. Inspired by her former employer where all the sales agents used Amadeus Ticket Changer, she suggested BIG Travel to do the same. The only way for us to keep up with the increasing volumes was to let all our agents use the Amadeus Ticket Changer. So, we unleashed it to the entire sales team and provided mandatory trainings on how to use it.

Today, if an agent sends a change request to us instead of using Amadeus Ticket Changer, we gently send it back to him or her!

Li, three years ago you were a newcomer to the company, so how did you manage to convince your new colleagues to change their ‘old’ routine? 

BIG Travel was already using Amadeus Ticket Changer but the benefits of technology are only unleashed when it is used to its full potential. Always remember that you can’t introduce new technology overnight, it needs help. And make sure the right people are involved from the start (a special thanks to Agnetha Mårtensson, our Amadeus specialist!). It’s not enough to have the sign off from top management who approve the purchase, you need to get the people who will work with the technology in their daily job on board too. Then, it’s really important to invest in training so that those who need to work with the solution feel comfortable and confident enough to use it. 

Monika and Li, you made the change three years ago. How has Amadeus Ticket Changer helped BIG Travel to work smarter?

By automating this process, we save a lot of time and there is less risk that the ticketing department becomes a bottleneck. We can also deliver better customer service as we provide travelers with the right information quicker than before.

And, it saves us money. Even though you have to pay per transaction with the solution, there is less manual work involved so you need less people to manage the process. All in all, it is a win win for everyone.

About BIG Travel

BIG Travel is currently one of Sweden’s fastest growing business travel agencies with 34 agencies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The company began its upward spiral a few years ago when it merged with Resecity, Resevaruhuset and acquired Via Vip in Finland. Last fall, BIG Travel started up their cooperation with Novo Nordisk in the Nordic countries and most recently, merged with Ystad Resebyrå.


About Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue
Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue is a quick and easy way to calculate the fare, taxes, penalties and refund values for changing a ticket, so you can get a clear overview of what the new ticket will cost. The booking is then updated with fare and ticketing elements to issue the new ticket. All Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue transactions are covered by Amadeus fare guarantee policy.

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