Bye bye e-Support Centre! Hello Amadeus Service Hub!

On May 17, we kissed goodbye to our ‘old’ customer self-service portal with the launch of a newer, better, more user-friendly solution. The Amadeus Service Hub has been designed so customers can solve their issues much quicker than before. 

The Amadeus Service Hub replaces our ‘old’ e-Support Centre. This next-generation digital customer service portal is where you can find all Amadeus’ self-service support tools and get up to speed with our features and technology.

Got a system error bothering you? Simply go to the Amadeus Critical Incident Centre on the Service Hub – a new message board dedicated purely to information on system incidents.

So, what is different we hear you ask? Well, for a start, you can access the Service Hub from any device – smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. And, most importantly, the ‘search & browse’ function has been improved so you can find support quicker. Another plus is that the Service Hub contains an overview of all our trainings.

“We needed a new technical platform that would give our customers better self-service support. Even though the Service Hub is global instead of local, it is much easier now to find and access support information than in the past. And, because it is a more agile solution, we can adapt and improve the support over time,” says Alexis Wallskog Pappas, System Manager for Amadeus Service Hub, and the man who has been working behind the scenes to implement the Service Hub in Scandinavia.

“When you launch something new that you feel is going to be great, you want the customer to experience that positive feeling when it is launched,” he says. “We’ll do a survey in autumn so I’m looking forward to customers’ feedback then so we can make further improvements.”

Curious to know more? Or got an urgent issue to resolve? Check out the Amadeus Service Hub here! To log on, just use your Office ID, Sign In and password. You can also access it via Amadeus Selling Platform or Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

Psst! Alexis’ Secret Tips...

The ‘search’ bar (on the front page), with the ‘auto completion’ feature while you are typing and the filtering options on the ‘results’ page, are a real game changer. If you search for a word, you will also get hits on versions of that word.

Copy and paste an error message and the system will give you the most relevant answer.

If you are not happy with the solution/answer you receive, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page. A message is transmitted to the solution’s author who can then update the solution. 


Key benefits of Amadeus Service Hub

1. Accessible from all electronic devices
2. Improved search & browse functionality
3. Makes it easier to find and book training
4. Find information about system incidents in the Amadeus Critical Incident Centre