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Travelers come to you to book their flight and their hotel. But when it comes to getting to and from the airport, they are often left on their own. It’s time we did something about this missing link in the travel chain! Now you can easily book transfers from multiple providers through one display.

Transfers – a forgotten link in the travel chain

When planning and booking a trip, the flight and hotel bookings are well considered, covered and taken care of – being through an online booking tool or through a travel agent. But very often there is one piece of the puzzle missing: How to get from the airport to the city center – or wherever their destination might be.

Many travelers simply default to the taxi rank outside, especially in foreign destinations. Often with the frustration of waiting in queues, the need to carry local currency cash in many places, and worrying about being charged who knows what as a consequence. Now, you can secure a far better traveler experience, grant improved cost control and staff safety to corporations - AND make money in the process!

We are now launching Amadeus Transfers to help you fill the gap of a true door-to-door experience.

What is Amadeus Transfers?

Amadeus Transfers allow you to offer your customers pre-booked rides with professional drivers at fixed prices in over 1000 destinations covering more than 142 markets, private or shared. The platform will soon be expanded with airport express trains, airport buses and even helicopters and private jets.  

The transfer business is a fragmented one, with a multitude of suppliers. While this may be great for the customers in term of choice and personalization possibilities, it can be a real challenge for bookers. The standardized and user-friendly interface in Amadeus Transfers, common to all providers and with real time availability, makes search, comparison and booking an easy and straightforward task.

You can also choose your preferred payment method, credit cards or travel agency invoicing or the Travel Account option for the local providers.

A pain – or a hidden opportunity?

Do you consider the transfer part of the trip too small and therefore not worth the effort? Well, think again. In 2015, 54 million US travelers used pre-arranged transfer services*. And knowing that  transfer services on a trip can make up four bookings (to and from the airport at each end), and that each booking is estimated to approximately 50 EUR on average** – the opportunity is substantial.

Different business models are available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. You can access public rates anywhere without any agreement, or you can register with the providers for commissionable and net rates. Access to Amadeus Transfers is included in the application used as part of your licence or contract with Amadeus.  

Mobile adapted - book whenever convenient

Transfer services are available through the Amadeus travel professionals’ applications and cytric T&E corporate booking tool, as well as through web services. Travellers may also benefit from quick and user friendly booking on their mobile devices in CheckMyTrip. A suggestion for transfer booking is automatically added to the bookings, prefilled with arrival/departure data, the various available options from the different providers are easily displayed - and the desired option can be booked by a tap or two.

* Source: Phocuswright Report ”Hail This! The Transformation of the Ground Transportation Experience for Travel.” March 2016

** Amadeus estimates

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