Introducing Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

So, Linda, you are the Portfolio Manager in Scandinavia for Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. What is that?
Selling Platform Connect is our new and enhanced sales tool for travel agents, which will replace today’s Amadeus Selling Platform Classic. With this new solution - and the modern, web-based technology behind it - we are equipping our agencies to better meet the future. The tool supports them in transforming from booking agents to travel retailers, and it also allows for better flexibility for the agencies. Their staff can access their tool from wherever they like - adapted to the new ways of working in society today - and each agency also have the ability to define more for themselves the set-up and features that suit them best.

That sounds exciting! Please tell us more about that.
Some of the feedback we have received on our current solution, is that our licences are built as “fixed packages”, giving you access to a certain set of features. If you really are interested in one or a few of those features and not all of them, you still have to get the full package. Now, we do it differently. You have a starting base product, and then you add the blocks of features or product suites that you want and need to fulfil your business.
Nevertheless, with Selling Platform Connect you will have a simplified product structure - and thereby invoices - as the new technology allows us to merge what was previous three different product components into the core one. 

OK, let’s go back to the travel consultants - as this will be their daily tool. What is the biggest advantage for them?
Definitely the enhanced graphical interfaces, thinking more along the lines of B2C applications, who have focused on user experience for a while. This will allow them to perform upsell and cross-sell in an easier way than today, so that they can serve their customers better and more efficiently.

The tool is also designed to meet the needs of the new generation of workforce, who is more or less born into graphical user interfaces and with tablets and digital tools in their hand. This also means that agencies will be able to cut down on costs and resources in training new staff.

So, out with the old, in with the new? But cryptic entries have been the going theme in the travel industry for a long time, and you have some real cryptic gurus around. Are they now going to be lost?
No, it will still be possible to use the cryptic entries. However, we would not help our agents meeting the future if we did not exploit the benefits that modern technology and graphical interfaces provide us in creating better user experiences, better customer servicing and more efficient implementations. 

So – what is the plan for launch of Selling Platform Connect in the Scandinavian market?
The introduction to our market has started, with some hundreds of users already on board. We are now accelerating the deployment to our leisure oriented agencies, for whom the product is market ready. We are at the same time adding the finishing touches to the policy management features, in order to have the solution fully benefitting the agencies operating in corporate travel later in the year. You will for sure hear a lot more about Selling Platform Connect in the months to come!