Learnings from an early adopter on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

In 2016, Ticket Leisure Travel decided to roll out Selling Platform Connect, Amadeus’ latest sales tool for travel agencies. We talk to Ulrika Blömer, head of Sales Operations Air Nordics at Ticket, to find out how it all went.

Ulrika, you closed down your old sales platform on September 7. How did that feel?

- We have wanted to change our Point of Sales platform for years so when Amadeus launched Selling Platform Connect, we volunteered to be a so-called Early Adopter because we felt it would suit our business. So September 7 was our ‘D-Day’ … now there was no turning back!

In just 12 months you rolled the new platform out to 300 users in 70 locations. How did you do this?

- We live in a fast-moving world and there is no time to waste. So, I tested the system myself for the first six months. Then, in autumn 2016, our air specialist team and our Operations team came on board. My colleague Anna Hammarberg, our Head of Operations, led the implementation for them, while I prepared for our stores.

In February this year, we then launched the new platform to our store sales staff in Sweden and Norway. As this meant almost 300 sales agents and managers had to switch platforms, we split them into different waves, starting with Norway. Then we set up WebEx trainings for groups of 25 people at a time. By May we had trained all of them!

Did you experience any hiccups along the way?

- Of course, there’s always going to be some technical glitches, especially because the system is brand new.

But, we were really happy to have been the ‘guinea pig’ because it meant we were able to take part in developing and customizing the platform. I must say that the support from Amadeus along the way was amazing! 

How have your staff reacted to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect?

- Everyone has their own opinion, but, overall, the users have been positive and most are very eager to work with a faster and more efficient system.

What benefits has it brought to your business?

- Many! For both new and experienced Amadeus users, being able to choose to work in a graphical or Command page is great as it makes it easier to understand the logic behind a very complex system.

Ancillary services and upsell are great functions. And, the new platform makes life easier internally for us as we can quickly change Office ID for our different stores and switch easily to an online Office ID when needed. Overall, it’s all about freeing up time for our sales agents so they can sell more!

Have you fallen in love with any features or have there been any disappointments?

- Personally, I really love that you can quickly issue an E-ticket or EMD for voids or refunds graphically from the Main Page. I also find the Ancillary catalogue fantastic, as well as the graphical upsell.

On the downside, some people who were used to working with the Selling Platform Classic miss the FQP script. And, it is not yet possible to price ancillary services in the graphical mode. But I am sure this is on Amadeus roadmap! 

About Ulrika Blömer
Ulrika Blömer is head of Sales Operations Air Nordics at Ticket Leisure Travel, the largest leisure travel agency in the Nordics. Ticket also operates Airngo which serves the Nordic and German markets. She supports Ticket’s store staff in Norway and Sweden with system training, information, internal processes and development projects.


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