The Safety Seeker: No time for unexpected surprises

In recent years, Eva Bernard, senior marketing manager at Amadeus in Scandinavia, admits that she has turned into a risk-averse traveler who likes to make traveling as convenient and comfortable as possible for her and her family. Avoiding unpleasant surprises is the key to a relaxing and quality family vacation.

Do you tend to book package holidays to minimize the risk of something going wrong?

We very often book package trips but not always. For example, in summer 2017 we went to Sicily and spent several days in a hotel and the rest of the trip at a friend’s summer house.

Eva Bernard and familyI searched first on Momondo but then, after seeing that SAS and Lufthansa were the best options I booked directly on the SAS website because I knew I could book everything including luggage on one site. I booked the hotel on after reading various reviews and checking that it was close to the beach and restaurants. We booked a car rental in advance.

Safety Seekers are risk-adverse travelers who want to have as much control over the booking process as possible. Is that you?

Yes, I am a control freak. I am the travel planner when I travel with friends and family. I’m the one who prints out all the info and boarding passes and downloads Google maps on my phone etc.

I also don’t like to pay too much for traveling as it is expensive to travel with a family of four but if I know a hotel or flight option is better for everyone and a less risky option, then I am prepared to pay more for that.

Are you a person who plans your trips well in advance?

Yes, it’s important because my husband is a teacher so we can only travel during school vacations.

Do you prefer using established and well-known airlines and travel agencies?

I prefer to travel with companies and brands that I know. Especially if something goes wrong, it is good to know that a supplier will give you a refund or will take care of you.

Eva Bernard and her two daughtersI’ve probably traveled 30 times with Ving. Everything works. I feel safe and secure and they are very professional. For example, once we got stuck on the Canary Islands due to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud and we were well taken care of as it was a package holiday. It would have been a different matter if we had booked independently.

What’s the most important thing to you during a vacation?

I like to have lots of information so I am well prepared for my trip. I want to explore the destination so I enjoy things like photos and videos about the area.

The location and the hotel room are also critical for me. There must be good restaurants close by and the hotel room has to be big enough for the whole family. And, I prefer direct flights when possible.