Unlocking new opportunities with Amadeus Hotels

Meet Isabelle Johansson, Amadeus’ new Sales Manager, Hotel Distribution in Scandinavia, as she gears up for the launch of two exciting new hotel products in Spring 2017, bringing new opportunities to the Scandinavian travel agencies.

Isabelle, you are a ‘newcomer’ to Amadeus. What are your first impressions of your new job?
Whilst working for hotel chains such as Nordic Choice Hotels, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, and the online travel agent site Booking.com, I have always known Amadeus as a well-recognized, traditional distribution channel used by many of our clients and hotel providers.  

However, as I reflect upon my last few months that passed, I must say that my knowledge was limited!  I am positively surprised and greatly impressed by what I have seen and experienced so far - both technology-wise and hotel content-wise.  It has truly been an eye opener!  The great variety of hotel content that Amadeus offer nowadays, and our innovative plans ahead in the global hotel team is for me a very exciting journey to be a part of! 

How do you see the process of selling hotels having changed over time?
Over the past ten years, the hotel distribution industry has become more transparent, fuelled by the Internet revolution. Today, you can view a vast array of hotel rates across many online sites and travellers can easily search and find the best rate for them. There is an increase in so-called secret deals, member’s deals, closed user group sites– the list is never ending. This means that both offline and online travel agents have to make sure they have access to competitive rates with a broad variety from different suppliers, suitable for their business and leisure travellers.

What is then the main challenge for travel agents in this context?
I have to say that the distribution of hotel supplier rates is very fragmented. Today, the hotel revenue manager must negotiate and push rates to many different suppliers and clients whether its - hotel corporate clients, the hotel’s own website, GDS, wholesalers and OTAs etc. And this poses a challenge for both our online and offline travel agents. The offline travel agents of today – when not searching in the GDS, need to search and book hotels in different supplier extranets. The online travel agents need to develop and use several API connections in order to access their contracted supplier rates.

And this is where Amadeus Hotels comes into play, making life easier for the travel agents?
Indeed! Due to our large portfolio of hotel content, we can offer one single platform with access to multiple supplier rates: hotel’s public best available rates, wholesaler rates, net rates etc.

You can access your favourite providers – hotel chains, individual properties and your contracted suppliers – in one go, and compare each rate and commission to find the best option for you and your traveller. It's all about choice, and we have more than 2 million hotel shopping options and over 580 000 unique properties to choose from! 

We also offer easy filtering alternatives so your searches match various traveller preferences or travel policy requirements. 

In a nutshell, Amadeus Hotels is now a one-stop shopping window so you don’t need to juggle multiple extranets.  Not to forget, if you are an online travel agent – we can offer you one web service connection rather than several API connections.

So – what’s up for you and Amadeus Hotels in 2017?
It’s going to be a really exciting year! My primary focus this year will be to continue spreading the word about Amadeus Hotels and it's benefits for all our customers. We have been very successful in France for the past year, where our travel customers are really appreciating the solution, both offline and in web services and I am hoping that we will see the same response from our Scandinavian travel agents by the end of this year.

Also, I am constantly continuing to build up our content portfolio. For instance, we are now offering Amadeus Value Hotels in Scandinavia. This is a completely new, commercial concept - our very own net rate programme where our agency customers can access net hotel rates and resell them with their own-defined margin, so that you can make more revenue from your hotel sales. We source – you price.

In addition, soon we will launch Totalstay on our market – a welcomed addition to our existing aggregator/bed bank content portfolio, bringing even more choice to our agencies. Watch this space!


Do you want to know more or discuss how you can unlock your new opportunities with Amadeus Hotels? Don't hesitate, contact Isabelle right away! Click here to send her an email.