Amadeus Scandinavia

Amadeus Scandinavia represents the Amadeus brand and is responsible for marketing, sales and service, including product definition and front-line support, in the Scandinavian markets.

With Amadeus Scandinavia offices in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, there are approximately 170 people at your service. Below you will find some hightlights of our history.

1979: SAS, Braathens and SJ (Swedish Railways) established SMART - Scandinavian Multi Access Reservations for Travel Agents. The business concept was to combine all travel suppliers into one system.

1984: SMART becomes an incorporated company - Scandinavian Multi Access Systems - SMART AB - headquartered in Stockholm and with three subsidiaries – SMART Sverige AB, SMART Danmark A/S and SMART Norge AS.

1989: SMART starts distribution of Amadeus Direct Access. Amadeus had been established two years prior by Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia and SAS.

1992: All travel agencies in Scandinavia change from SAS's own reservation system ResAid to Amadeus.

1995: SMART establishes SMART Amadeus in Latvia with the goal of building up an infrastructure for the travel industry.

1996: One year after the establishment of SMART in Latvia, an office is opened in Lithuania.

1997: TRISS (Travel Information Systems Sweden AB) is bought out and incorporated into the SMART group of companies. TRISS develops mid-office solutions and is the leader in Scandinavia in this area. SMART and Enator started FM Partner, a company that exclusively words with Facility Management in the travel industry.

1998: BOKSER is operated starting December 1 as its own company. SMART AB is the largest single shareholder in the new company with 51 percent. The remaining 49 percent are owned by Destination Stockholm.

1999: In the month of March, SMART buys 100 percent of the shares in FM Partner. Stefan Nielsen continues to be president of the company that previously had two owners, SMART (52% of the shares) and Enator (49%).

2000: SMART sells TRISS to ICSAT and 70% of Tradevision to NoCom.

2002: Amadeus, the leading global distribution system (GDS) and technology provider acquired SAS Group's 95 per cent shareholding in SMART AB. This gives Amadeus 100 per cent ownership of SMART, where previously it had a 5 per cent shareholding in the company.

2003: SMART changed name to Amadeus Scandinavia the 1 of January 2003.

2006: The European Committe confirms Amadeus as the #1 European travel company in R&D investment

2010: Amadeus listed on the Spanish stock exchanges

2013: easyJet becomes the first light ticketing airline in the Amadeus system

2016: Acquisition of Navitaire gives Amadeus the ability to serve a wider group of airlines

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