Merchandising for travel agencies

...and what's the difference between fare families and ancillary services?

MerchandisingSimply put, merchandising is about providing the right product and service to the traveller in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Over time, airlines have become more effective at doing this, and now use both ancillary revenues and fare families to fill the gap created by low base fares.

Ancillary services are the extra à la carte services (e.g. seats, baggage) that you add to the base fare.

Fare families, on the other hand, are already prepared packages: bundled fares sharing the same conditions, including the same services and options.

These merchandising strategies are two complementary ways of selling a personalised travel offer, and which of them you choose really depends on what kind of customer you are dealing with. The important thing is that you can provide your customers with the most relevant offer fast and efficiently. This will help you maintain customer satisfaction and enhance your value as a travel consultant.