No fuss with fare families

Every traveller is unique, and likes to be treated as such. With Amadeus Airline Fare Families you can give clear choices around all of the extras they might want or need for their specific trip. Fast, transparent and with no surprises.

Fare familiesAs part of their merchandising strategies, airlines are adopting fare families (along ancillary services), where they bundle a number of services, conditions and charges together under a branded fare name.

Given that 35 % of travellers who fly with airlines that have implemented fare families often choose more comfort and convenience over savings, this seems to be the right way to go. Amadeus Airline Fare Families are integrated into the standard booking flow - so you don't need to order this product - and gives you access to these branded fares, allowing you to deliver transparent flight options that are better suited to your customers’ individual needs. 

Provide transparent fares

Amadeus Airline Fare Families doesn’t mean we’re adding new fares: they are already available in Amadeus. But the information on the fare family name and description is a new level of information that is being added in the GDS. For each fare family you will see:

  • Fare name
  • Cancellation and refund conditions
  • Services included in the fare
  • Services that can be purchased on top
  • Mileage accrual
  • Price difference to upgrade to higher fare families

Provide the most relevant fares

Having all the benefits and conditions of each price tier highlighted in one screen makes it easier for you to select and present the best-suited option for your customers.

With the upsell teaser you get an appended message in the output of pricing/best pricing transaction that shows the price difference between the returned fare and the lowest fare in the next higher fare family, as well as indication on how to check the fare details and rebook in the proposed fare. The upgrade that best suits your travellers’ needs can then be booked with a few simple commands.

Which airlines are using Amadeus Airline Fare Families?

As of today, on the Scandinavian market Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Finnair, Brussels airlines, Hop, Aeroflot, Air Berlin and Niki have been deployed. More airlines will continue to make their fare families available in Amadeus.

…and how does it work in the online channel?

The functionality for distributing these bundled fares is already in place via Web Services. In November 2014 we announced that Expedia, one of the world's largest full service online travel sites, will partner with Amadeus and distribute our fare families. The plan is to go live with select carriers by mid-2015 with several more coming online by the end of the year.