Managing changed plans

As a travel agent you deal with changes every day. Whether it’s a schedule change coming from the airline – big or small – or a customer requesting a ticket reissue or a refund: we can reduce the hassle this means for you, and help you save time and be more customer friendly.

Managing minor schedule changes

The airlines used to restrict their schedule changes to autumn and spring, but today it’s common to make these schedule changes throughout the year. It can be a big or a small schedule change, but either way it means a time consuming manual handling process for the travel agent. This may result in a costly ADM, or worst case scenario: your customers are notified too late – or sometimes not at all.


Amadeus Schedule Change Update automates the handling of schedule changes according to your needs, saving you 3 minutes per scheduled change. It checks your specific queue for scheduled changes and other messages from the airlines, and handles them according to your predefined time limit rules. An updated itinerary can then automatically be sent to your customer, notifying them of the schedule changes via e-mail or sms (with Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents or Amadeus Itinerary, IEP) with no manual interference.

Major schedule changes that require a ticket reissue

An involuntary ticket change is either caused by a planned major schedule change from the airline, or a disruptive event. Whether caused by nature or humans, these are the most time critical of all ticket changes since they mean a great inconvenience for the traveller.

It’s times like this when you as a travel agent can make a real difference to your customers by minimising the problems this involuntary change of plans is causing them. Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary Reissue is a new feature which automates the reissue process for these involuntary changes, making it quick – from 5 to even 30 minutes per reissue to 1 minute – and reliable, with no airline filing dependency.

When the customer requests a ticket change

The last time we checked*, “Making changes to bookings” ranked N°3 in the top 10 pain-points for travellers. A recent Amadeus study** showed that 51% of the UK and Ireland business travellers had to change their travel plans in 2013, while 22% made three or more itinerary changes.

Changing air tickets manually (calculating fare and tax differentials, penalties and any residual values) is a time consuming pain for travel agents, and can take up to 30 minutes. The human error can also result in a costly ADM. Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue shortens the process from 14 to 4 steps, which can save up to 25 minutes per reissued ticket. Besides saving time, this allows you to provide better customer service while increasing revenue streams by charging an optional service fee.

…and then there is the refund

Approximately 5-10% of all issued airline tickets are refunded. Unfortunately, current refund processing methods are complex and in addition, the manual handling brings a high risk of errors which can increase the number of debit memos.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund verifies the refund conditions and automates the calculation of fare, taxes and any fees or penalties, and more and more airlines are facilitating this automated way of refunding tickets. This ensures that you have the correct fare as well as tax and penalty information, while reducing the time spent on a refund from 15-30 minutes to less than 1 minute.


*) Amadeus Ticket Changer graphic  
**)  Business Travel Insights 2014