User reviews – a must-have when booking hotels?

Travellers are being heard like never before – and listened to. 81% of travellers feel hotels reviews are important (with 53% saying that they would not book a hotel without reviews)Are you giving your customers access to this vital information?

70% say consumer reviews are the 2nd most trusted form of advertising (following recommendations from people they know)*, while 68% said that travel ratings ultimately influence their travel purchases**. As you can see, travellers – whether they are business or leisure – are heavily influenced by the purchasing decisions and travel reviews of their peers.

With this in mind, Amadeus Trusted Reviews comes handy: a feature which both collects and displays ratings and reviews from real travellers.  With 1.4 million quality reviews already available, and 30,000 properties with reviews and ratings (and growing!), you can make it easier for your customers to decide which hotel to stay at.

Amadeus Trusted Reviews is available on travel agency desktops (Hotels Plus in Selling Platform) and in the corporate self-booking tool (Amadeus e-Travel Management, AeTM). Only travellers having stayed in the hotel can post a review, which gives increased trustworthiness and credibility for your customers/users.

For business travel agencies, Amadeus Trusted Reviews is a way to factor in reviews and ratings as a key influence on hotel choice. This makes it more likely that the hotel bookings stay within their policy compliant booking channel, be it in the self-booking tool or travel agency professionals. 

How it works

1) Booking: the hotel has been booked through AeTM or Hotels Plus.

2) Hotel Stay: questionnaire is sent to guest by email, once journey is completed.

3) Review writing: four questions are mandatory, and it only takes a few seconds. Additional questions can also be filled in, allowing for services improvements.

4) Data process: editorial & normalisation process in place to remove inappropriate reviews or personal data.

5) Review Posting: Hotel reviews can be viewed by other travellers or travel agents through AeTM and Hotels Plus. In AeTM, customers can choose to see reviews from everyone, or restrict it to the ones made by colleagues within the company. 

Want to know more? Please contact your Amadeus account manager, or click on the "Contact me" button below.

*) Global Trust in Advertising Q3 2011 – Nielsen

**) PhocusWright, “Traveler Technology Survey”, 2010




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