Hotel payments for corporates: from pain to plain sailing with Hotel Billback

Hotel payments in corporate travel are a source of much frustration. The need for private expenses, use of prepaid rates instead of negotiated rates and costly manual work for accounting makes it a pain for travellers and corporations alike. Now, an integrated virtual credit card solution, Amadeus Hotel Billback, is changing the scene, allowing direct payments to be made between a company or travel agency and the hotel.

Many corporations struggle to find efficient and secure methods when paying accommodation for staff who do not hold personal credit cards, or for contractors who are not connected to the expense system. This makes reimbursements time consuming and cumbersome. The travellers are not overly excited about paying for the hotel stay out of their own pockets either, since they become subject to a sometimes lengthy internal processes to get their money back (reconciling a large number of credit card charges and outlays takes time).

The solution has often been to sacrifice the corporate contracted rates, and instead succumb to various prepaid rates, thus getting the worst of both worlds: having to pay money upfront, and the corporation missing out on volumes on their hotel program.

Amadeus Hotel Billback

This stops with Amadeus Hotel Billback. This solution allows a direct payment to be made between a company or travel agency and the hotel, using a virtual single-use credit card automatically generated from the Amadeus booking platforms (either the corporate self-booking tool or the travel agent desktop). As the solution allows for traditional post payment, all costs related to the hotel stay can be covered by the virtual credit card – or limited to room only if you prefer – and can be used for any hotel and for any rate or rate type booked from the Amadeus platforms.

Simple, secure and time saving

In a survey conducted by GBTA in the US*, travel buyers and suppliers identified control and compliance (71%) and security (69%) as the most important elements when considering payment solutions, closely followed by data reconciliation and management capabilities. Amadeus Hotel Billback supports it all. The virtual credit cards are issued with a unique card number and deployment ID per transaction, there is a limited amount associated to each card – that can only be used to pay for hotels – which eliminates fraud and misuse.

And by automatically matching hotel booking and billing data, the time spent processing and reconciling invoices can be slashed by over 80%.

Turning hotel payments into plain sailing – for everyone

So now corporations can wave goodbye to cumbersome reimbursement processes, secure bookings to their corporate rate and get better visibility and control over travel and expense budgets. The travellers, in turn, don’t have to pay for the hotel out of their own pockets, but simply check-out at the end of their stay with no further paperwork needed.

*) Virtual Account Payment Solutions (GBTA, July, 2014).

Amadeus Hotel Billback: How it works

  • A tripartite cooperation between a corporation or travel agency, Amadeus/Conferma and the banking
    partner of choice

  • A Conferma customer number is entered to the booking, which triggers the generation of a one-time VCC card number. This is immediately integrated into the hotel booking and sent to the hotel as a guarantee. The hotel will also receive detailed payment instructions on how to handle the card and charge it

  • The corporation or the travel agency may own the credit (subject to agreement), so the credit card bill  may be sent to corporation or TA directly

  • As soon as the card is charged, the bookings can be easily reconciled in Conferma’s SNAP tool, matching virtual credit card transactions to billing and settlement data from the booking.

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