Let's talk about automation

Internet, rise of the metasearch channel, the explosion of LCCs …Squeezed margins have become a fact for most travel agencies. This has created a need to decrease cost of sale, and if possible, capture new business opportunities. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you: Amadeus automation offer.

Let's talk about automationWith increasingly squeezed margins, automation is essential in controlling costs. And automating the internal, administrative processes that are not generating any revenues for your travel agency may be the best place to start:

  • Spend less time on manual admin tasks, more on value-added costumer service
  • Reduce errors caused by the human factor and improve the quality of your administrative output
  • Create new revenue sources

Let’s have a closer look at some of your internal processes where Amadeus can help you decrease your cost of sale through automation.


Issuing tickets is a time-consuming and complex process – which in itself does not generate any revenues. If each ticket takes two minutes to issue, it quickly adds up to a whole lot of time which could be put to better use. Fresh out of our solutions oven is Amadeus Touchless Ticketing, which will automate the issuing of 95% of all your tickets – and improve the data quality of issued tickets.

Fare search

Hypothetically, you can search for a better flight price manually up until the moment the ticket must be issued. Very time consuming, and still no guarantee that you will find a better price. Amadeus Touchless Price Optimiser automates this search, allowing you to either increase your revenue streams and/or increase customer loyalty by providing customised services.

Managing air changes

We have previously identified the handling of air schedule changes, cancellations and refunds as areas where a lot of time, money and nerves can be saved with a little help from our automation toolbox. And not only that; with shortened handling times, you can actually make money on the service fees and give your customers quick and reliable service. Win-win!


If you want to know more about how we can help you decrease your cost of sale through automation, we'd be happy to tell you more: