Ticket talks about their Touchless Ticketing pilot

What if you could move resources from the manual ticketing process, to activities that really creates value for you and your customers? Ticket Leisure Travel has piloted our new automation tool for ticketing, Amadeus Touchless Ticketing. We had a chat with Anna Olsson, Manager Online Back Office, to hear about their experience.


 Anna Olsson, Ticket

Ticket's Manager Online Back Office, Anna Olsson

Could you briefly describe how Amadeus Touchless Ticketing works?
Touchless Ticketing is a web based solution that allows us to automate our ticketing. It can read more lines than just TST and TK, for example SSR-lines, which means that the solution automatically detects last ticketing date.

How has the solution worked out for you?
Good! 98,5% of our tickets are now handled automatically, and we have fewer bookings ending up in the manual queue.

The technology used for Touchless Ticketing was chosen to make it as stable as possible, and minimise the risk of down-time. Why is this so important for Ticket that the solution is stable? 
At Ticket we manage online travel, and this means that our customers book 24/7 – and they also book close to departure. So we don’t want to risk that the customer does not have a valid ticket because the ticketing script has been down. The same goes for the price: if the tickets are not issued at the right time, there is also a risk that there are changes to the price or the taxes.

During the pilot you reached a 98,5% level of automation of your ticketing. What does that mean in terms of time savings – and on what can you focus on instead?
When we save time it allows us to focus on improving, and we are always developing our business so that our flows are as effective as possible. Since this solution saves us time, it means that we can manage increased volumes without increased staff costs.

After six months of using Touchless Ticketing: what would you say have been the three greatest benefits?

  • The stability
  • Higher level of automation and less manual handling of tickets
  • That the solution secures last ticketing date by reading several elements in the booking, not only TK line and TST.

And lastly: would you recommend Touchless Ticketing to other travel agencies?
I would absolutely recommend it to other agencies:

  • You are not dependent on local servers; it’s more stable
  • As already mentioned: the level of automation has gone up and fewer bookings end up in the manual queue
  • It secures the last ticketing date since it reads several elements in the booking


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