Published 04 April 2018

by Stefan Eng
Expert in travel agency technology and content

Be in the driver’s seat, pre-book a transfer!

No heavy administration, no up-front payments, no amateur drivers ripping you off, no hassle upon arrival or departure... There are many reasons to pre-book a transfer. With  Amadeus Transfers, you can offer a true door-to-door experience to leisure and business travelers alike!

We have all seen them, the lucky ones at the airport, picked up by drivers holding a sign with their name on it. Men and women clutching their hand luggage, rushing through the arrivals hall and straight into a waiting car for the drive to an office or hotel. This has been exclusive way to travel when on a business trip – but soon it will also become a leisure commodity.

But why bother?

Pre-arranged transfers coming your way

Think about it; when you arrive at a new airport or railway station where you have never set foot before: how do you find the best option at the best price for your journey onward? If you are lucky, you might find an information desk. But can you be sure you get trustworthy alternatives if you have never been there before? And do you get all relevant options?

Instead, by using Amadeus Transfers you access a one-stop-shop providing a true door-to-door service for your customers. Pre-book a small taxi or a limousine, a shared taxi or a taxi for single use. Or why not a rail service or even an Airport Coach? The variation and options are many. And no matter if the person booking the transfer is a travel professional or a traveller (via an online travel agency or a self-booking tool), the reservation process is simple and accurate.

Just imagine the convenience: instead of stress and hassle to find the best transport upon arrival, a “meet and greet” transport has already been pre-booked and is waiting, ready to take you directly to your destination!

Qualified providers with multiple payment options

With more than 1000 destinations, covering 142 countries worldwide, Amadeus Transfers offers relevant, trustworthy and qualified taxis, airport coaches and trains to all travel agency customers and travellers. Including the different provider payment options like invoice, credit card or, as for the Scandinavian Providers, Travel Account.

Start booking transfers today

Starting today you can book transfers from multiple providers in a single display on Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, with a range of ground transfer partners (including Blacklane, Talixo, TaxiTender, World Airport Transfer and soon Holiday Taxis). Additional content providers will be added over the coming months. And, yes, real time guaranteed availability is included.

So, be in the driver’s seat, pre-book a transfer and get ready to make some extra revenues AND delight your customers! 


About the author

Stefan Eng has a wide experience with some 35 years in the travel industry. Currently he is working on evolving the content portfolio at Amadeus Scandinavia. He also writes blogs, articles and is an active Linkedin user.

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