Published 06 November 2017

by Ulla Persson
Expert Business Traveller and Associate Director

cytric: a game changer for managing expenses

Imagine not having to spend hours every month poring over receipts and travel expenses. Our new travel expense solution kisses hours of tedious expense administration goodbye.

I travel four to six times per month and I’ll admit that I’m kind of lazy when it comes to my expenses administration. I pile up all my receipts in a folder and, sometimes several months later, I need to spend hours going through them, logging expense reports, checking currency conversion rates and checking the dates for each trip.

Since I joined Amadeus back in 2009, we’ve been using Amadeus eTravel Management for booking our trips. It’s a great booking tool but it doesn't offer expense reporting. This year, we migrated to Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense at Amadeus Scandinavia; it’s replacing eTravel Management as a booking tool and has one HUGE advantage – it has an integrated expense function. 

Cutting the workload in half

This means that when I book my trip in cytric, the flights, hotels etc are already there in the expense system, including the date for the trip. The per diem is also calculated automatically so I only need to add smaller expenses like taxis and meals. I can quickly take a photo of these receipts on the cytric Mobile Companion app and the receipt is logged on my expense report; I just need to add the total amount. This is heaven as it saves me hours of work.  

If, you are a manager like me, and you need to approve expenses for your team, there’s another advantage. Previously, I used to receive an email asking me to approve or reject my team’s expenses, then I needed to log on the system on my PC. With cytric, I receive the expense report in the app and can approve or reject it on my phone.

We’re currently launching Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense on the Scandinavian market. Personally, I couldn’t imagine that a system like this could save me so much time. My only question is why we didn’t do this years ago! 


About the author

Ulla Persson joined Amadeus in 2009 from the travel industry and is our Sales Director for Scandinavia. Having experienced the shift from offline to online travel agencies, she’s getting ready for the next travel ‘revolution’ as we move into the era of big data.

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