Published 28 February 2018

by Annika Brune
Expert in Air Content, Merchandising and Hotel

Get the highest sales commission in the hotel pricing game

A “make or break” for any business is how they maximize their revenues. For travel agencies it is crucial to have a strategy for how they work in the fragmented hotel industry, with new players and business models entering the market. Is your strategy getting you the highest sales commission when booking hotels?

The hotel industry is fragmented, with thousands of different hotels ranging from large chains, to small/medium chains and independents. All of them try to distribute their products through several channels to possible customers, be them business- or leisure guests. And it is getting ever more complex. The explosion of new market players has also brought new concepts to the market, and with them: a much larger variety of booking options.

This means that you travel agents are facing a massive increase of content to choose from; both in terms of business models and number of suppliers.

The hotel landscape is changing rapidly – challenge or opportunity?

For travel agencies who knows how to navigate in this new environment, there is plenty of money to earn. Having a hotel strategy and making use of existing technologies, which enables you to compare the multiple offers, earnings and business models on the spot, is key.

Amadeus has put in a lot of effort to create such a platform; a one-stop-shop to book hotels from various sources, built to drive agency profitability. In our solution today, you can see all the options for rates for a hotel coming through an online intermediary, through a bedbank or from the hotel itself – all in one view. This means you get total transparency and can compare the rates and the earnings you can make with the different suppliers – and choose the most profitable option.

Ready to maximize your hotel revenues?

So, even if the hotel business is more fragmented and complex than ever, it really has never been easier than now to compare your hotel earnings and maximize your hotel revenues. My advice to you is to take full advantage of this! Below, I have listed a few things you can do to get started:

  • Be tactical - set a hotel strategy for how you want to work with the different hotel suppliers
  • Be smart - use technology that allows you to find the best deal from various suppliers every time you book hotel
  • Be innovative - embrace new commercial models, such as Amadeus Value Hotels
  • Be fast - and speed up your process by booking hotels from different suppliers in a structured form on one platform – this saves you time and money

Want to know how Amadeus can help you with your hotel business? Talk to your account manager, or feel free to contact me.

About the author

Annika Brune is Portfolio Manager for Hotels, Air content and Merchandising at Amadeus Scandinavia. During her career she has worked in the airline, hotel and tourism industry. A keen traveller, she enjoys nothing better than following trends and figuring out how travel agencies, hotels and airlines can prepare for the future.

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