Published 07 March 2019

by Torild Schoeien
Project Manager

Hacking out sustainable innovative solutions. Want to join us?

Technology. Innovation. Sustainability. At Amadeus, these are three things we are passionate about. That’s why we have teamed up with Norway’s leading travel agency, Berg-Hansen, and a crowd of future-oriented students and startups for a fantastic hackathon in Oslo on April 5-6. Let’s make travel sustainable … together!

On April 5-6, I’ll join 100 innovative and future-orientated students and startups for a hackathon called ‘Let’s Make Travel Sustainable’ at Berg-Hansen in Oslo. We’re going to spend 24 hours brainstorming to (fingers crossed!) come up with new, innovative and sustainable solutions and concepts for the travel industry. And, hopefully, we’ll have a lot of fun while we are at it!

It’s not every hackathon which I would sacrifice a weekend for but this one pulls two strings that are close to my heart - innovation and sustainability. It’s also a perfect match with Amadeus’ strategy which is why we are sponsoring the hackathon.

The future of the travel industry stands on three legs - digitalization, innovation and sustainability. Let me tell you why. 

1.   Digitalization brings mega opportunities

At Amadeus, we believe that how we use big data is a major opportunity (and challenge) for the travel industry moving forward. If we can better understand travelers’ preferences and behavior, we can give them more personalized and relevant offers. 

But, this requires smart digital solutions which can analyze massive amounts of information and store, mine and transform it into meaningful parameters. For Amadeus, it’s going to be all about delivering cutting-edge functionality in a sustainable, scalable and secure environment. 

2.   Collaboration for innovation

Innovation is no one-man show. Success is all about teamship and collaboration. By working together instead of in silos, we will increase our chances of success. 

That’s why Amadeus participates in hackathons, tradeshows and invests in exciting new startups. Through these partnerships, we can explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, messaging platforms and predictive analytics. 

As one example, our Open API program allows our customers to use and develop their own applications on top of our solutions. During the hackathon, the participants will be able to use our Self Service API portal to help them build viable prototypes.   

3.   Sustainability is a must

Faced with challenges like overcrowded destinations, climate change and social equality, sustainability is top of the agenda for the travel industry. 

Companies are coming under increasing pressure to improve their sustainability efforts and reporting. Consumers are becoming more sustainability-conscious, factoring it into their purchasing decisions. 

Ultimately, the long-term success of companies will depend on making sustainability a part of their strategy. And sustainable solutions will become the norm. 

So, if you want to help us come up with Scandinavia’s next great travel solution or concept, join us in Oslo! You can sign up right here! 

About the author

Torild SchøienTorild Schøien is a project manager for Amadeus in Scandinavia, based in our Oslo office. In her private and professional life, she is passionate about innovation.

Torild is a strong believer that technological success is a combination of machines and humans, with people always making the difference.  Like most Norwegians, she loves hiking and skiing in the mountains: “Spending time in nature is a strong reminder that we all need to protect and push for sustainable solutions in every part of our lives.”