Published 25 June 2018

by Stephan Emilson
Expert in online and retail travel agencies

How well do you know Amadeus?

Amadeus, yes it’s that reliable platform you use every day to book flights and hotels. But, did you know we also have virtual cards, video solutions, automated visa processing tools, productivity trackers and seatmap plans? Let me tell you about a client of mine who recently got a big surprise!

I recently met a client who thought Amadeus only did flight and hotel booking tools. Halfway during our meeting, he went silent and said ‘You have a solution for everything!’. He was amazed that we could offer him so many other solutions.

Maybe, it was the presentation of Amadeus Video Solutions which got him. I think it’s a very cool idea. Basically, if you are watching a video of a destination, you can pause the video and bring up information on the hotel or landmark without having to open a separate web browser.

So, by the end of the meeting, this client had signed up for Amadeus Productivity Tracker – one of my personal favorites as it’s a great business intelligence tool to give customers a better overview of their company spend. A lot of travel agents don’t have time to think about what they are doing and why. By having a clear overview of how your business is going, a spend breakdown per airline etc, you can better control how you meet your targets, KPIs and increase your profit margins.

The same client is also thinking about taking our B2B Wallet solution - a virtual card you can use to pay your suppliers. It’s a clever solution to help you save money by avoiding hefty credit card fees, and, if a supplier ever goes bankrupt, you are financially secure.


Keep it simple and creative

I remember when I joined Amadeus from the airline industry a few years ago; I was also amazed that we do much more than airline booking systems. When people ask me where I work, very few of them know about Amadeus, but most people have used one of our free solutions Checkmytrip.

As a guy who loves traveling and gadgets – and keeping things simple – I’m really into the small innovations and solutions from Amadeus that make life simpler and more efficient for our customers.

Let me share two other favorites with you. One of them automates visa applications for Australia and ESTA applications for the US, making it easier for the traveler to arrange the visa when booking the trip and means the travel agent can make a few extra bucks on the visa sale. If you think that sounds interesting, drop me a line and I can tell you more.

And, SeatMap API – an airline seat booking tool – which we developed together with one of our Scandinavian customers and is now sold globally. Basically, it’s a tool which online travel agents can use to offer their customers a preferred airline seat during the reservation process. That way you keep customers on your site without them going to the airline’s site to book the seats.

So, if you think Amadeus is only about reservation systems for airlines and hotels, think again! I’m sure the client I met last week is not the only one out there who is in for a surprise!


About the author

Stephan EmilsonStephan Emilson is based at our Oslo office and works with online and leisure travel agents. He joined Amadeus in 2014 from the airline industry and is a keen traveler, once clocking up 27 countries in one year when he worked for US Airways. A fan of connectivity and gadgets, he has his house in Norway set up as a ‘Smart Home’ with Amazon Echo: “Despite all the traveling and gadgets, I’m actually still married!"

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