Published 16 March 2018

by Malin Wesström & Anders Bernström
Expert ITB Correspondents

ITB: The place to be!

We’re just back from ITB, the world’s leading travel trade fair, in Berlin where we soaked up the latest trends and technology. One thing is clear – the technology section of the fair is busier than ever!

Bollywood dancing & Virtual Reality

At ITB 2018, virtual reality was everywhere but it’s still unaffordable for the majority. Will it become cheaper? Nobody knows. But, it’s clear that more travel agents and airlines are using virtual reality tools to get customers hooked. For example, we visited the Lufthansa stand where we were transported via virtual reality to Mumbai and took part in some Bollywood dancing. It was a truly emotional experience which made us want to pack our bags and get on the plane!

Anders Bernström and Malin Wesström goes Bollywood

Blockchain hot topic

On a more serious note, as expected, all the big airlines like Lufthansa, Qatar, Air New Zealand showed off their new award-winning business class cabins. And, Blockchain - ‘the new black’ is huge. Everyone is talking about it and debating whether it will bring opportunities or disruption to the industry. Is it good for the tourism industry or will it kick out the middleman? It’s too early to say. 

Mobile is growing like crazy at the moment. But there is still a lot of talk about how to be attractive pre, during and post travel … for example, how do you get people to keep your app and not delete it after the trip?

NDC – still work in progress

The sessions on New Distribution Capability (NDC) were very interesting. IATA created NDC as a collaborative initiative to bring airline distribution technology up to date and deliver an environment to stimulate airline profitability. Even though NDC started back in 2011, it’s still a very hot topic as the airlines are trying to capture business directly from the travelers. At ITB, we saw plenty of new NDC entrants coming on the market but without offering anything really new.


Overall, the Scandinavian travel agencies are pretty much on track when it comes to technology. We didn’t see anything at ITB that you are not doing already.

See you at ITB 2019!

Being ITB, it’s THE place to keep up to date with the latest travel technology and trends in our industry, but it’s also a great chance for networking with our Scandinavian customers and with our colleagues from other Amadeus sites.

So, for 2019: we really recommend you to come to ITB! You miss out if you’re not here. Just bring good shoes, you’ll end up walking a lot. And, if you want to make money at ITB, start a foot massage service! See you at our stand next year! 

Amadeus' stand at ITB 2018

About the authors

Malin Wesström is Commercial Account Manager for online and leisure travel at Amadeus Scandinavia. She’s been with Amadeus for 14 years, 12 of which she has spent in Sales. This was her second time at ITB - but definitely not the last!

Anders Bernström is Solutions Expert for Online Travel at Amadeus Scandinavia. He joined Amadeus in 1990 and has been based at our Oslo office for 26 years. Anders is a regular at ITB where he likes to go behind the scenes and test the latest technology at the exhibitor stands.