Published 17 April 2018

by Petra Jakobsson
Expert in helping travel agencies optimize their business

Never underestimate the power of the travel agent!

Today, we have a pile of hotel content at our fingertips. But, it was another story back in the Nineties when we had to rely on our personal experiences and recommend the only hotels we knew – even to famous actors...

I’ve been in the travel industry for almost 30 years and experienced many great moments. But it’s not every day you get a phone call from a famous Swedish actor looking for a hotel in New York.

Hotel recommendations pre-internet 

This was in the mid-Nineties. Just before the Internet revolution had really taken off. I was working as a travel agent at a midsize travel agency in central Stockholm. We dealt with many different customers and travelers which kept life interesting. Back then, we had to rely on our own personal experiences from holidays and educational trips, when customers asked us for recommendations.

In the Nineties, many of us working in the travel industry, travelling to New York on an educational trip, got to stay at the Roger Smith Hotel. At that time, it was well known in inner circles as a very ‘hip’ and unique hotel.

An unexpected call for a unique hotel

One day I got a call at the travel agency. It was Stellan (yes, that Stellan). He was going to New York with his wife for a weekend and wanted a recommendation for a hotel. He specifically asked for a unique hotel. So, of course, I suggested the Roger Smith Hotel.

I never got any feedback from Stellan so I can only assume he was happy with my suggestion. No news is good news, right?

Finding the perfect hotel match: an easier task nowadays

Today it’s a different story. Travel agents have access to so much content now. By using Amadeus Hotels  platform you can access 690 000 unique hotels, ranging from hotel chains to independent hotels and representation companies. And of course: find a wide range of hotel descriptions, pictures, maps and a lot more. All designed to help you find the perfect hotel for your customer, and make money at the same time.

But, always remember that by combining your personal experiences with the content in Amadeus Hotels you, the travel agent, is – and remains – a great asset for the traveler.

I hope Stellan has experienced that too!


About the author

Petra JakobssonPetra Jakobsson is a Scandinavian solution manager at Amadeus. She started her career as a travel agent in Sweden and the UK. Today, her job is to help travel agencies optimize their business, using Amadeus tools in the best possible way. Traveling is part of her DNA; her favorite destination is still Miami “simply because of the weather and nice beaches”. (And yes, she is still a bit star struck from the above experience.)

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