Published 24 October 2019

by Åsa Sannerheim
Expert at Service and Administration

Reducing our plastic footprint

Imagine strolling down a sidewalk, two meter wide and 100 meters long. On average you will find 114 pieces of litter here. The biggest category after tobacco waste will be plastic, and no wonder! About 448 million tons of plastic is produced globally per year and this is expected to double by 2050.

Plastic is everywhere!

Only a third of all plastic is being recycled, the rest might end up in our oceans and as landfill. It becomes a part of the food chain and eventually, ends up in our own bodies. But we can turn this around, and so we will.

When Green is the New Blue, Amadeus global environmental initiative, was launched the Green Team Scandinavia decided to focus on plastic. An ongoing work has started to reduce plastic at the office, raise awareness and make recycling easier.

Amadeus Volunteer Day

Håll Sverige Rent vänföretag 2019Following the enthusiasm generated by Green is the New Blue, Amadeus launched Volunteer Day. A day dedicated to the environment when employees can engage in environmentally focused activities during working hours.

This fall, Volunteer Day is taking place all around the world. For Scandinavia this happened on the 16th of October. To create this special day, we teamed up with The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation (Håll Sverige Rent), a non-profit organization that promotes recycling and combats litter through public awareness campaigns and environmental education. 

Litter picking

Amadeus volonter litter picking dayA total of 64 employees in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen took part in an educative and touching lecture on littering and its effect on nature. We then headed out to pick litter and ended up with a whopping amount of 292,5 kilos of garbage!

Volunteer Day Scandinavia raised awareness about a serious cause and made a direct ecological impact. But it was also a day of fun, team building and pride to be part of a company that takes responsibility for the well-being of our planet.

Let’s continue evolving Green is the New Blue and reduce our plastic footprint!

About the author

 Åsa Sannerheim

Åsa Sannerheim works in the Administration for Amadeus in Scandinavia. You can find her at the front desk of the Stockholm office or simply running around helping out with whatever is needed. As a former florist her heart is beating for nature and its beauty, so being part of the Green Team Scandinavia is the most natural thing! 

Outside work Åsa loves tennis and art. When travelling Italy is the preferred destination for the food, culture, climate and atmosphere.