Published 17 September 2018

by Petra Jakobsson
Expert in helping travel agencies optimize their business

The ‘phantom’ behind the scenes

Ever heard of Amadeus Touchless Ticketing? For me, it’s kind of like an imaginary friend – always there to support you, forever reliable and super-flexible. Working quietly behind the scenes to make sure all the PNR information is correct for ticketing. Let me tell you how it works.

Tired of manually inputting missing details on your PNRs (passenger name records) and tickets? Yawn. Fed up with emails from customers complaining that the details on their invoices are wrong? Ouch. Dreaming of spending less time on these ‘boring’ admin tasks?

Don’t touch that ticket

Probably when you hear the name Amadeus Touchless Ticketing your imagination will conjure up images of a revolutionary new form of ticketing which will change our world … forever. I’m sorry to disappoint you as we haven’t developed that … yet.

But, as a person who’s passionate about programming, I’m a big fan of our Touchless Ticketing solution - an automated, web-based solution which works quietly behind the scenes, scanning all your PNRs and making sure the information is correct for ticketing. It’s ideal for travel agencies who don’t have their own ticketing solution. And, we called it ‘touchless’ because you don’t need to touch it.

Think smart, act efficiently

It might not sound like the sexiest product on the market but it’s oh-so efficient.

It works like this: you choose the settings that meet your business needs and the solution works quietly in the background during the ticketing process, scanning each PNR to make sure all the information like invoicing details is included and correct. At the end you have a ‘clean’ ticket which can be issued to the customer or an accurate document to send to the back office for reporting and statistics.

From launch to first steps

We launched Amadeus Touchless Ticketing a year ago in Scandinavia. Today, over 30 large travel agencies are using it. For these customers, they have freed up time to focus on more interesting, value-adding tasks – or to take a well-earned fika – instead of manually inputting missing details on a PNR or handling tickets with incorrect information.

Coming from a travel agency myself – and being passionate about program coding – I love this solution as it’s really practical. But, if you’re a bit intimidated about implementing these kind of solutions, rest assured that we’re here to support you every step of the way!

About the author

Petra Jakobsson

Petra Jakobsson is a Scandinavian solution manager at Amadeus. She started her career as a travel agent in Sweden and the UK. Today, her job is to help travel agencies optimize their business, using Amadeus tools in the best possible way. Traveling is part of her DNA; her favorite destination is still Miami “simply because of the weather and nice beaches”.

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