Published 13 March 2018

by Ulla Persson
Expert Business Traveller and Associate Director

Transforming big data into personalized experiences

As a frequent traveler myself, there’s nothing more annoying than getting irrelevant travel offers in my inbox. Big data can be a game changer here – if we analyze it and use it in the right way to get relevant & deeply personalized customer offers.

In general, salaries and staff costs are high in Scandinavia. And as you travel agencies well know, margins are shrinking. That’s why Amadeus focus a lot on automation, to help you do as much as possible as efficiently as possible, and lower your cost of sales. At the same time, you need to give travelers the best – and most personalized – experience ever to stay relevant to them. Seems like a contradiction to do more with less, don’t you think?!


The cloud hanging over big data

That’s where big data comes into the equation. It makes it possible to give the traveler a relevant and personalized offer in an automated and cost-efficient way.

But, many question marks hang over big data: how to analyze it, what to do with it; what kind of competences, time and resources are needed to tackle it. 

After all, big data is useless if you can’t use it to better predict potential customer needs and to convert these leads into sales. So, if we figure out how to analyze big data and use the insights it can provide us with, and give customers a better experience, it will be a game changer, allowing you to make more money by giving customers more relevant, personalized offers.

Personally, I test a lot of companies when I am booking my leisure trips. They all talk about personalizing the customer experience and keeping me informed. But to be honest, I haven’t really seen it happen yet!

Intelligent search filters 

To improve and personalize the customer experience, we will need more intelligence behind search engine filters. I think we will see this start coming this year. But, I think it will really take another two to three years before I start to receive personalized offers that really meet my needs. Let’s see, technology is moving faster and faster.

If we consider that online business took off between 1995 and 1999 but that the online adoption rate was only 10-20% until 2009 that means it took 15 years to move 20% from offline to online. Eight years later, the adoption rate is around 60% so things are really speeding up!

About the author

Ulla Persson joined Amadeus in 2009 from the travel industry and is our Sales Director for Scandinavia. Having experienced the shift from offline to online travel agencies, she’s getting ready for the next travel ‘revolution’ as we move into the era of big data.

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