Published 08 February 2018

by Anna Farman
Expert at helping travel agencies reach their potential

Why NOW is the best time to get prepared for our new sales platform

Let me tell you why we are launching a new sales platform – and why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to flick the switch to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

Many of us are not that interested in technology. We just want the systems and devices in our daily life to work. You might think, “Hey, the older version of Selling Platform still works”. And yes, you are right! It works as designed and runs like a well-oiled machine. But eventually, you will need more from Selling Platform. And as we all know, old technology will in the end be outdated.

Why this change now?

The traveler’s and the travel industry’s needs are completely different compared to five or ten years ago. Today’s traveler is connected, mobile and flexible. They want personalization both in leisure and business travel. And her or his needs will continue to change in the future. It comes as no surprise that the questions we keep asking ourselves are about the traveler, and you:

  • What do you need from us in the future in terms of new content, products, features, services?
  • How can we help you to keep your customers and to attract new ones?
  • In what way can you bring value to your customers?

In order to develop new products and features we must have a technical platform which supports API, Web Services and other emerging technologies. The cloud-based Selling Platform Connect enables seamless integrations between systems and suppliers, and perhaps new business areas. That will be even more important in the future. 

And let’s not forget: Tech can be cool! Imagine what Artificial intelligence (AI) and voice agents can do for the travel industry in the (near) future.


Why do I have to switch to Selling Platform Connect?

Change is usually something we like. But to change ourselves, or change our ways of working – that’s harder! Unfortunately, the need for change doesn’t disappear only because we postpone it. You probably won’t have more time in a week, or a in a month or two. So why not take control and migrate now?

Yes, Selling Platform Connect comes with a new layout. But migrating is not about learning a completely new booking system: cryptic mode is still here (for those of you who prefer that), and it’s still Amadeus GDS behind the scenes!

With three scouts in the family, I have learnt that the “Be prepared” motto is applicable not only in scouting. Now is the time to plan for the migration and to block time for preparations, training (if needed) and for the migration itself. In total, we are talking about a few hours.

So check out the Selling Platform migration tab at Amadeus Service Hub today and start your planning! Being prepared will make the migration much easier and the switch will be less stressful if you know what is coming.

And you know what? You will be just fine! Because you will be in control of the process.

About the author

Anna Farman has many years of experience as an account manager for small to medium-sized travel agencies on the Scandinavian market - and has a lot of fun doing so! "I get the opportunity to talk to and meet travel professionals who are open minded, solution oriented and passionate about their business. They usually package and sell the kind of trips that they would like to buy themselves. This says it all, I think. Who could ask for more?"

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