Corporate travel

Today's business travellers require the latest technology to keep them connected, productive and on the move. Amadeus corporate travel solutions offer a complete array of end-to-end solutions that deliver value across the entire travel lifecycle.We are uniting the business traveller, travel management company, travel manager and finance officer on a shared corporate travel destination: business success.

The shifting nature of corporate travel requires corporations and travel management companies to adapt to a world which is less "command and control" and more dynamic. Those who travel for business have higher expectations, driven by the service culture seen across retail and entertainment, that needs to be incorporated into the corporate program management.

There is also a greater focus on travel experience across the whole trip, from planning, search and booking to expense reconciliation and everything in between.

The Amadeus corporate travel solutions are equipping corporations, travel management companies and travellers with the tools needed for creating a hassle-free experience. Harnessing the power of self-service, mobile and digital technologies, combined with global content and integration possibilities, we are making sure that corporate customers are getting the most out of their trip and travel program - also when things do not go to plan. 

We leverage our technology, our services and our industry knowledge to connect the travel ecosystem, optimise processes and maximise productivity for corporations and travel agencies alike. 

Improved bottom line

through integrated end-to-end solutions

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Hassle-free corporate travel

and enhanced traveller experience

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Corporate travel management

from a CFO perspective

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