Amadeus Ancillary Services

Amadeus Ancillary Services is an integrated solution at the point of sale which offers travel agents the possibility to: 

- Get increased content parity with the direct and online channels on the airline's optional services offering

- Tailor the offer to their customers' needs and improve customer service & loyalty by reinforcing the role of the travel consultant

Key features and benefits

Catalogue shopping

Get complete visibility of an airline's included and optional services offering for each fare via a dynamic catalogue.

Informative pricing

Get informative pricing for all ancillary services

Fully integrated with the PNR

Ancillary services are fully integrated in the PNR for seamless mid-/back office processing

Multi-channel solution

Available to users of Amadeus Selling Platform, using the graphical user interface from v 6.1 and above, and with cryptic/command page in any version. The solution is also available through Web Services and API, and availability to Amadeus e-Travel management solutions is initally available for seats and baggage from v.14.2.