Amadeus Fare Families

Amadeus Fare Families is an integrated solution at the point of sale which gives travel agents complete visibility on airlines fare families, including the fare family name, as well as the services and main conditions associated to each fare. You can also target the right fare to the right customer, by pricing by fare family and later upgrade recommendations.



Key features and benefits

Airline fare families in Amadeus allows airlines to package booking classes, fares and services into branded products. Each product is associated to a name and description that reflect its attributes. The display module shows the name of the fare family as well as the services included and optional with a charge and the fare conditions at pricing time. The upsell module completes the display module by prompting upsell options to the higher fare family to the travel agent. 

Increased transparency

  • Access to increased transparency and visibility on airline fare family, including main fare conditions and amenities attached to each fare.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Empower your customers with choice and easily recommend upgrades to make their journey even more comfortable

Efficient service

  • Stay competitive by saving time thanks to easy access to all bundled fares that are integrated within the standard booking flow