Amadeus Support Services

Amadeus offers a full range of Support Services to meet your needs. Our Customer Service Experts are highly skilled in all business needs and able to solve more than 90% of your issues directly on the phone, which enables you to be back in business and focus on travel selling.

Besides the full access to Amadeus Self Service, which is availble 24/7 with a direct contact to experts via the Amadeus Case Logging Functionality, you can call the Amadeus Functional and Technical Customer Service Centre in their local language.

Key features and benefits

Access to the competence you need

  • Support Services provides direct access to experienced Amadeus support staff for Functional or Technical questions during local business hours and in local language or English. Available during normal business hours Monday-Friday (08:00-17:00). In addition, queries can be logged 24/7 through the e-Support Centre.

Global Knowledge Base

  • Access to search for solutions and and answers from the Knowledge Database to provide the option of self-service and knowledge transfer.

Skills and experience

  • Provides accss to Amadeus skills and experience.

Global expertise

  • Support Services work process ensures that engineers work with issues from various markets and regions, and are thus able to approach issues with a holistic system view.

Global network, local presence

  • Through the local Amadeus office, issues will always be dealt with from the perspective of the local set-up and local business issues.

Find out more

For additional information, speak to your local Amadeus Account Manager.