Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

It's no secret that companies and organisations are increasingly looking for a fully integrated approach to their travel and expense management. With continued growth expected in travel spend worldwide, this can have a critical influence on the company performance. Securing cost reductions requires a tight corporate travel policy backed up by a flexible cross-device platform and an automated expense management system. 

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is an agile, integrated solution to control a corporate travel programme - while simplifying the user experience.  



Key benefits

Pursuing travel and spend policies with a unified solution and a cross-device workflow

With Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense in your portfolio, you have just what you need to support corporate customers in driving their global travel spend effortlessly and smartly as they fulfil their business objectives.

        - Cost control with efficient policy compliance  

        - Cost control with optimised travel purchase

        - Cost control with seamless end-to-end integration to
           ensure bottom
line savings

        - All in one single app


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