Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents allows you to easily produce and deliver professional travel documents for your customers, offering tailored content that complements each reservation. Delivered in a choice of formats and languages, documents can be sent quickly and efficiently to provide your customers with a superior and more convenient travel experience.

Key features & benefits

Differentiate your documents

  •  Create professional, stylish travel documents that reflect your agency's brand
  • Personalise itinerary content with custom text, include destination-based information, CO2 emission data or Warsaw Convention liability regulations


Enhance customer service

  • Deliver clear, concise and relevant travel information to travellers and reduce dependency on travel agents for information
  • Send travellers information in the format and language of their choice


Seamless integration

  • Travel documents can be sent from Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus e-Travel Management
  • Quick and easy activation allows for fast adoption
  •  Intuitive workflow and automated processing requires minimal agent training


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